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Group of coworkers discussing business at a meeting table. Employees have laptops and folders open in front of them.

Investment Services

Improve investment strategies for your clients with our insights, guidance, and hands-on support.
The right strategies for your clients’ goals.
Through Concourse Financial Group Securities and Concourse Financial Group Advisors, we'll provide you with the tools and expertise you need to help inform and execute more effective investment strategies for your clients. Because when your clients grow, you grow.
Coworkers sit in a boardroom listening to their female boss give a presentation. There are laptops and pages of notes on the table, and the boss is talking about a projected graph.
Research and analysis
The more information you have available, the more you’ll be able to educate clients and inform strategic investment decisions. Our in-house team of analysts will keep you current by providing the latest industry insights on economic and market conditions.
Due diligence
The more options you have to offer your clients, the more opportunity you’ll have for real growth. Our Due Diligence team will help by conducting the research and review needed to expand your investment options.
A modern meeting table is covered with pages of notes, sticky notes, laptops and folders. Coworkers surround the table discussing the information in front of them.
A female employee hands a male coworker a tabbed folder of work materials.
Portfolio construction
A carefully constructed portfolio is crucial to helping your clients reach their financial goals. Our Portfolio Construction team can serve as a trusted resource for second opinions or provide full recommendations based on your clients’ specific needs and objectives.
It’s your vision. We’ll help make it happen.
Contact Concourse Financial Group today to see how our holistic insurance and financial planning solutions can keep your business moving forward.