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Insurance Services

Simplify your insurance solutions planning and execution by handing much of the complex work to us.
Complete service assistance, all in one place.
With the insurance and risk management services provided through Concourse Financial Group Agency, moving your business forward doesn't have to mean doing the bulk of the work alone. We'll find the industry's best insurance solutions for your clients' needs, lessen your workload and save you valuable time by simplifying insurance processes.
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Keeping your practice efficient.
You’ll have dedicated support in product selection, field underwriting, carrier relationships, and annual policy reviews. We’ll even help you present solutions to your clients.
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Life insurance
Effective strategies for protection, wealth transfer, and estate planning.
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Annuity strategies
Diversify your clients’ retirement portfolios through fixed, indexed, and variable annuities.
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Long-term care
Protect your clients through long-term care, long-term illness, and critical illness coverage.
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Disability insurance
Offer your clients flexible, affordable coverage to protect them against the unexpected.
Experts by your side.
With our one-on-one support and product expertise, you’ll be able to address client needs while growing your practice. You’ll have access to a range of experts to ease your workload in comprehensive case design and strategy development, life insurance underwriting, detailed case management, and year-round policy management.
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It’s your vision. We’ll help make it happen.
Contact Concourse Financial Group today to see how our holistic insurance and financial planning solutions can keep your business moving forward.