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Three male employees sit around a modern boardroom table and converse with their female boss.

Work With Us

Our approach to holistic insurance and financial planning* is possible because of the exceptional people we select to work with.
Let’s get there together.
Some say that all paths lead to the same destination, but we’re focused on taking the right paths with the right people and strategies. When you work with us, your goal destination becomes our priority. Together, we’ll find the best way there.
Three coworkers, two male and one female, smile and work together in a modern, high-rise office boardroom. On the table, there are coffee cups, pages of notes and other office supplies.
Serving your practice needs.
When you work with us, you’ll no longer need to manage a network of vendors and business partners to meet the financial planning needs of your practice. You’ll be able to focus on what you love: delivering the best holistic insurance and financial planning* to your clients.
Dedicated support teams
We’ll provide dedicated support teams who will get to know you and your business needs, and keep you connected to all of our industry experts and services.
Leading solutions and services
You’ll receive every resource you need through our Investment, Insurance, Comprehensive Financial Planning, and Practice Management services.
Expert guidance and insight
Our unique selection and combination of industry experts gives us the ability to deliver insights geared toward the growth of your practice and the specific needs of your clients.
A group of four coworkers stand around a boardroom table and work together on a tablet. Pages and booklets are on the table.
Carrier and third-party partnering.
Does your company have innovative solutions or tools that you think would add value to our financial professionals? We want to hear about them. Contact us today to learn about opportunities to work with us.
Join our team.
For growth-oriented financial professionals who want to take their practices to the next level, we can provide a single destination for holistic insurance and financial planning* support that offers the right team of experts, products and services needed to gather, grow and protect clients’ assets. Start your journey today by completing our registration form and beginning the onboarding process.
A young professional woman smiles at a coworker during a meeting.
It’s your path. We’ll help keep it clear.
Contact us today to learn more about how working with us can keep you moving forward.