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A blur of working men and women move quickly through a modern office lobby. They are all dressed professionally and some are carrying briefcases.

About Us

Welcome to Concourse Financial Group. We know you have goals for your business and we’re dedicated to helping you reach them.
Everything you need under one roof.
We offer an innovative approach to holistic insurance and financial planning support for growth-oriented financial professionals like you. We bring the right experts, products, and services together to take your business to the next level.
One-stop holistic support
Designed to be your all-in-one hub for holistic insurance and financial planning support,* we’ll align your clients’ unique needs with the industry’s best financial solutions.
Innovative products and services
Our curated selection of products and services, comprehensive planning technology, and dedicated teams ensure your business gets the attention it deserves.
Unmatched industry expertise
Our key investment services and financial planning experts provide insights, analysis, and hands-on support to design custom solutions for your clients.
A blurred building in the background with the words "The path you choose really matter."
Our story
We’ve built a community of selected financial professionals with decades of collective experience. Our purpose is simple: To combine the essential resources needed to make moving your business forward, possible.
Many paths. One destination.
True to our name, Concourse is a space where the industry’s best people, tools, services, and solutions are gathered together to work hand in hand to achieve mutual success. Whatever path you’re taking, Concourse helps get you where you want to go.
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Our team is second to none. Learn about the expertise and foresight that informs our approach to moving your business forward every day.
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Work with us
Interested in joining Concourse? Learn about financial professional affiliations, carrier and third-party partnering advantages, and career opportunities.
It’s your vision. We’ll help make it happen.
Contact Concourse Financial Group today to see how our holistic insurance and financial planning solutions can keep your business moving forward.