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Concourse Financial Group Agency

Here are your top annuity rates effective as of September 30th, 2022.

Term Carrier Product Minimum premium Yield to surrender
3-year Athene Max Rate 3 $100,000 3.90%
3-year American National Palladium MYG $5,000 3.80%
4-year Oceanview Harbourview $80,000 4.25%
4-year Oceanview Harbourview $20,000 4.05%
5-year Athene Max Rate 5 $100,000 4.30%
5-year American National Palladium MYG $100,000 4.10%
6-year Oceanview Harbourview $80,000 4.50%
6-year American National Palladium MYG $100,000 4.25%
6-year Oceanview Harbourview $20,000 4.30%
7-year Oceanview Harbourview $80,000 4.50%
7-year Athene Max Rate 7 $100,000 4.15%
8-year Oxford* Multi-Select $20,000 4.50%
8-year American National Palladium MYG $100,000 3.80%
8-year American National Palladium MYG $5,000 3.70%
9-year American National Palladium MYG $100,000 3.80%
9-year American National Palladium MYG $5,000 3.70%
10-year Oceanview Harbourview $80,000 4.50%
10-year The Standard Focused Growth Annuity $100,000 4.00%
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Connect with our team for annuity support at or 800-876-3950.
*Oxford Life is not available for sale in Alabama. Alabama residents are not allowed to purchase or sell Oxford Life.

Rates are subject to change without notice and may vary by state.

Most products have a 30-day window to transfer or surrender without penalty. Policy will renew into a new guaranteed period.

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Concourse is not responsible for any product-specific content, Concourse is simply sharing product-specific content as a third-party. The contents of this page are current as of the effective date noted above and we are not responsible for any product updates now or in the future.