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A Concourse Financial Group consultant digitally planning a technology solution for business.
How to level up your technology in 3 steps

Financial technology is one of the most important tools in your business. Having the right components in place can streamline client management, add speed and efficiency to your processes, and help take your practice to the next level.

Not sure where to start with your technology? We have you covered. Here are three steps to help you identify potential technology gaps in your practice, find solutions that make sense for your business, and some ideas for how to implement them.

Step 1: Identify your technology gaps
Knowing what your business needs is key to growing — and identifying the gaps that can be filled with a technology solution is the first step.

We have developed a resource for download to help you get started. With it, you can indicate within the check box whether each key technology tool is something you have or use, meets your current needs, supports your goals, or if it is a "gap."

Download technology gap resource.

Step 2: Get to know the technology essentials
Now that you've spotted the potential gaps in your current technology, it's time to level up your knowledge about the options you have.

Let's explore some tools in the market and see how they could benefit your practice.

  • Accounting software
    Newer and robust accounting software packages can bring automation to your financial functions and transactions with modules including payables and receivables, payroll, billing and more.

  • CRM platform
    A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform combines all your customer and prospect data and interactions into one central location or database.

  • Data storage solution
    We all know it's important to protect sensitive data. Outsourcing your storage of documents and data to a cloud provider is an easy way to assure clients their personal information is safe.

  • Digital document management system
    Digital document management systems can help you organize your digital documents and digitize existing paper records.

  • Financial planning software
    Financial planning software can help manage your clients' money, providing a platform and tools for tracking investments, analyzing spending habits and income, forecasting future needs, and helping set future goals.

  • Portfolio management software
    Portfolio management software allows you to build, track, and manage your clients' portfolios. This software can also provide a secure, self-service portal for your clients where they can engage with their general account information or contact you with questions.

  • Portfolio performance reporting software
    Portfolio performance reporting software can help evaluate a client's investment portfolio. It allows you to review asset allocation, market value growth, and check progress towards goals.

  • Social media tools
    Social media can be a great marketing tool, but it's time consuming. Maximize your reach with the right approach. Check out our helpful social media guide to learn more!

  • Website design and support
    There are a lot of options for website development available. From DIY platforms to web development consultancies, the key is to find a solution that will integrate with other important tools in your stack — like email marketing, lead generation, and CRM.

Step 3: Take the next step and implement solutions and support
After identifying your technology gaps and learning about what different tools can offer, you're ready to start putting some to work for your practice.

How Concourse can help

We provide Technology Consulting services to help you figure out your best path forward.

Whether it's leveling up your technology or other ways we can help grow your business, we're here to help.
Contact Concourse Financial Group today.

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